The History of Kuruva Island dates back to ages when Panamaram river and Mananthavady river joined at “Koodalkkadav” meaning “a joining shore” flows for a while and formed a Delta at Kuruva. It has a lot of cultural importance that a lot of Rishis used to do live in the Jungles of Wayanad in the days of Ramayana. Even the temple of Lava and Kusha and Seetha Devi are around 6Km from Kuruva Island. It’s is being told that the Seetha the wife of Lord Rama was sent to exile in the  Jungles at the Ashrama of Valmiki. The Valmiki ashrama where she gave birth to her sons Lava and Kusha is Located near Pulpally which is nearer to Kuruva.